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How do I set filters in Roundcube Webmail?

Adding FIlters in Roundcube



Log in to your Roundcube Webmail


In top right corner click settings


In left most settings section click Fliters



At the bottom of the Filter Sets section, click the + button




Fill in the information in the New filters set section:

Filters set name


Click Save to create the new filter set

Once the new filter set is created, make sure it is selected in the Filter Sets category

In the Filters category, click the + button

Fill out the information in the filter definition section:

    Filter Name

    (This will be used to identify the filter from others in the set)


    For incoming mail

     (This section specifies what variables an incoming email has to meet to warrant the following changes. Click the + button to add more variables.)

    ...execute the following actions

     (This section sets the action that should be executed if the incoming email meets the variables set in the For incoming mail section.)

Click Save

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