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How to take a backup of your site from Plesk

How do I backup my website(domain)?

  • Log into Plesk.
  • Click on Websites & Domains

  • Click on Backup Manager on the left.

  • Click on Back Up

  • Now you can select which content you want to back up. Domain configuration is always included in backups. You can choose to exclude or include “Mail configuration and content” and/or “User files and databases” by checking the corresponding checkboxes.

  • By default, backups are stored on the Plesk server.
  • Under "Type", select the backup type by selecting the corresponding radio button:
  1. A “Full” backup includes all data, ie: Mail configuration and User files and databases checked.
  2. An “Incremental” backup contains only the files that changed since the last previously created backup. Incremental backups are created quicker and take up less disk space than full backups. However, to restore an incremental backup, you must have the corresponding full backup and all previously created incremental backups available.
  • Then you have the option to exclude log files or any other files from the backup.
  • If you want to be notified via email when the backup is created, select the “When a backup task is completed, send a notification email to” checkbox. Make sure that the email address next to the checkbox is correct.
  • If you want to ensure the validity of the backup, select the “Suspend the domain until the backup task is completed” checkbox. Doing so will temporarily make your website unavailable. Until the backup process is finished, visitors to your website will see an error page with the 503 HTTP status code.
  • Click OK

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