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How to create a staging site for your domain - cPanel

1.Login to cPanel.

2.Create a Subdomain in cPanel for the staging site.Refer the link below for details

3.Copy the database using PHPMyAdmin

i.Click the name of the database for the main website from PHPMyadmin.

ii.Click on the operations option at the top toolbar.

iii.Look for the section heading for Copy database to.This is where you will name the database your dev or staging environment is going to use. Enter the name and click the Go button on the far right.

iv.Update the SiteURL and Home URL in the wp_options table for the development database to that of the dev site.

4. Create a Database User in cPanel

i.Locate the Mysql databse section in cPanel.

ii. On the next page scroll down to Add New User. Choose a password for the new database user, and click Create User.

iii.Click the Go Back button and scroll down to the Add User to Database section. Select your newly created User from the dropdown, select the database you just created, and click the Add button.

iv.On the next page, select the checkbox for ALL PRIVILEGES and click the Make Changes button at the bottom of the page.

5.Copy Website Files in File Manager

i.Click the File Manager icon under the FILES heading and a new browser tab will open.

ii.For most of you following this guide you will want to make sure that you navigate to your public_html. Some of you may be creating the dev or staging environment for an existing addon domain or subdomain so you will need to make sure you are in the document root for that addon domain or subdomain.

iii. You will need to Select All of your files and click the Compress button.

iv. A popup will appear. Check the bubble for Compression Type: Zip Archive and name give the .zip file you are creating a name. The archive process might take a few minutes if your site is large in size.

v.After the archiving process has completed, you will need to Reload the page and you will see the newly created .zip file that contains your website files.

vi.Move the .zip file into your newly created subdomain from the first step.

vii.Navigate to your dev or staging environment's document root and you should see the .zip file. Select the .zip file and click the Extract button at the top. A popup will appear asking you where you would like the files to be extracted to. By default, the current directory you are in will be populated (and should be correct). Click the Extract File(s) button.

viii. You can delete the zip file now.

ix. Update the database name , username and password in the wp-config.php file by clicking on the edit option. Click on Save changes to save them.

5. Create A Record for the Subdomain. If you are using our nameserver, please refer the link below to update DNS record for the domain

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