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How to manage (Add/Remove/Reset) user accounts on a Windows server.

To manage user accounts on your server, you need to login as administrator and then access the user accounts.


How to access  user accounts

1. Search "Computer Management" in start menu

2. Then expand the Local Users & Groups tree

3. Click on users. You can see existing user accounts.

1. How to add new user account

  >. On right side you can see Actions click on that then Users >> New user




2. Add user details.


 3. Click on "Create"



>How to reset the user account password


1. Right click on the user account.



2. Click on set password.

3. Enter the new password and  confirm the same.


>How to remove the user accounts.

1.Select the user account and right click on it you can see  the option to "Delete" the account as shown in the figure. 

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