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What is Sender ID Framework and how do I create SPF record for my domain?

Sender ID Framework (SIDF) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF)


Sender ID Framework and Sender Policy Framework is intended to be a simple way to improve deliverability of legitimate e-mail. Sender ID works by verifying the domain name from which the e-mail messages are sent.

SPF validates the originating email address of a message. This is not always the same as the 'from' address as it relates to the actual server sending the message.

SPF and SIDF both validate e-mail sender addresses, and both use similar methods to do so. Both publish policy records in DNS. Both use the same syntax for their policy records. They differ in what they validate and what "layer" of the e-mail system they are concerned with.


Create a SPF record

1.Create a SPF record for your domain

Visit the below link to create a SPF record for your domain

        spf generator


Copy the SPF record

2. Access the DNS record of your domain name.


Login to Client Portal,  and click on Sign In at the top right of the screen> DNS > DNS Services > Domainname

              client area DNS

Click on DNS

       DNS service

Click on the DNS service name



       DNS service

Click on the domain name

      Add Txt record

Select TXT from drop down menu and click on ADD

     Add Spf record

Add the copied SPF record into content.

That's it the spf record has been added for your domain.

    SPF records


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