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How do I create email addresses under my domain?

eate Email Adresses Under Domain Name


1. Login to your Plesk Panel.

2. Click on the "Mail" tab on the left hand side and then on "Create E-Mail Account".


3. Your domain name is shown to the right of @ sign, so you only need to specify the desired name for the mailbox.

This can be, for example, your first name and last name separated by a dot, a department name, or any other text in Latin symbols. The name should be short enough to remember. It can comprise alphanumeric, dash, dot and underscore symbols.

4. Specify a password that you will use for accessing your mailbox.

5. Make sure that a check mark is present in the "Mailbox" check box.

6. Click "OK".

Now your mailbox is created on the provider's server, and you can set up your favorite e-mail program so as to receive and send e-mail messages through your new mailbox.

7. To view your mailbox through webmail there are two ways :

a.You can click on 'Mail' tab and you will see the email account you created here , click on the envelope symbol on the right hand side of the email address to access your webmail.

use your email account as 'Username' and password to login

b.You can also type '' to access your webmail directly to see yopur mailbox

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