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Can we have our emails hosted somewhere other than Cirrus, and have the hosting of our website, or domain done with Cirrus Tech?


1.Login to Client Portal,  and click on Sign In at the top right of the screen


2.Click on the DNS Tab on the client area.

3.Click on DNS service.


4. Click on the domain name on which you need to make changes.


5. Select  MX under the drop-down near the option Add new record.Then click on Add.


6. In the window that opens, add the priority as 10 and in the in the content field add the hostname that should be added as the MX record(For eg: and then click on Submit. Now you will need to add the A record for the hostname that you added as the MX Record so as to point it to the remote server.


8. In the Add new Record option select A from the drop-down.

9. In the 'Name' field add the Hostname which is added as the MX Record( and in the content field add the IP of the remote

10. Now your emails will be pointed to the remote IP.

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