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Managing email account under a domain in Plesk

Creation of Email Accounts under a domain

  •  Go to Mail on the left panel.

  • Click Create Email Address.
  • Type the left part of the email address before the '@' sign, and, if you have several domain names on your account, select the domain name under which the email address will be created.
  • Specify a password. Use a strong password. It is recommended to use a password generator by clicking on 'Generate'
  • Leave the Mailbox checkbox selected. Clearing this checkbox makes sense only if you want to use this address as a mail forwarder, which will forward all incoming mail to another address.
  • Specify the mailbox size or use the default size defined by your service plan. You can also specify a size lesser than the maximum mailbox quota.
  • Click OK.

Changing Email Account Password

  • Go to Mail, and click the email address of which you want to change password.
  • Either type a new password or generate a new password using password generator 
  • click OK.

Setting up Email Forwarder

  • Go to Mail and click the email address of which you want to add forwarder.
  • Click on Forwarding tab.
  • Select the Switch on mail forwarding checkbox.

  • Specify one or several email addresses to which email must be forwarded. When specifying email addresses, separate them with white spaces, commas, semicolons, or type each of them on a new line.

Auto-reply message subject.

  • Click OK.

Setting Up Auto-Reply

  • Go to Mail  click the email address of which you want to set Auto-Reply.
  • Click on Auto-Reply tab.
  • Select the Switch on auto-reply checkbox, and specify the following settings:
  • Auto-reply message subject(Eg : I am out of office)
  • Message format. Plain text is recommended.
  • Message text.(Eg :Hello, I am Out of Office. Will get back to you soon. )
  • Forward to. If you want to forward incoming messages to another email address, type an email address in this box.
  • Attached files. If you want to attach a file to your message, click Browse and select a file.
  • Switch off auto-reply on (the specified date). Select this checkbox if you want the automatic replying to stop on a specific date, for example, the date when you return from holidays.

  • Click OK

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